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Public Markets Need a Better Procurement Option

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“You get what you pay for”

We’ve all heard the phrase and are too familiar with its consequences, especially if you are a company marketing quality products or an owner required by law to accept the lowest bid.  Everyone in the supply chain knows that when the deciding factor is price, risk goes up and quality is often sacrificed.  Change orders, delays, shoddy workmanship, and poor product performance are often the result of the low-bid approach.  Attend the CPE National Conference and learn how you can be part of the procurement revolution.

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About CPE

CPE is a member-led organization that promotes the advancement of procurement and supply chain management. It is a leader in advancing alternatives to low bid, developing and promoting expertise-driven procurement practices, and advocating for quality across all facets of an organization. CPE’s educational programs, along with a suite of Request for Proposal and other templates, assist members with rapid deployment of streamlined procurement documentation and checklists.



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